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Hi, I'm Noah Rider! On my neat little corner of the internet, you can check out what projects I have going on, and what I've been working on. There's a lot to see!

About Me (me)

Hi, I'm Noah, a developer and YouTuber from the Milky Way. Ever since I was about 12, I've been using computers in interesting ways, like tweaking the Windows code, editing game files to get that level of customization, and learning how my system works. These kinds of things ignighted my curiosity to figure out more about what was happening behind the scenes, and how I can make my stuff my own.

What I'm working on

I don't have much here yet.

What I'm involved in

I currently run a few YouTube channels;

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RM Network is a YouTube channel that is involved in making series, such as [coming soon].

What's my role? I co-made the channel.

Channel Image

KingNoahCraft is a channel where I mostly play video games.

What's my role? I run it myself.

Get in touch!

If you just want to talk;

If it's about RM Network;